Drape Back Top - Alex Wang
Coral lace bra - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Topshop
Sandals - Zara

Dahl ke Baigan and Leaf Salad
Another tasty dish from Pushpesh Pant's India, which is  aubergines in  yoghurt  tempered with asafoetida, mustard seeds and curry leaves. I had this with some chargrilled chilli and limed courgettes with leaf salad and topped with toasted coconut.



Jacket - Topshop
Pink Print dress - Charity Shop in Berlin
Bracelets - usual mix with added evil eye green bracelet from Santorini
Boots - Acne
Tomato and Mozzarella Salad
Probably the most classic of salad combinations, but I was pretty chuffed with this because all of the leaves have been  picked from our plant pots on our roof, nurtured from seed to leaf and they tasted great! I didn't use a dressing just oven roasted the tomatoes slowly with lots of olive oil and sea salt, and as the tomatoes cook they ooze out and juices reduce to a tangy syrup - ready made dressing, with the addition with a couple twists of pepper.


Santorini in Pictures

My inactivity is partially due to the fact that I have been on my summer hols. To Santorini where the sun, skies and sea are unadulterated, nothing but white heat and azure. A colour palette repeated throughout the island with splashes of yellow, geranium red and bougainvillea magenta. Reminisce with me for a while and next post will be back to more usual musings...

 "In such places life seems to fall to pieces and quietly recomposes itself in the right shape..."
from my holiday read byPatrick Leigh Fermor

Just a little food footnote : there was a lot of stuffing of food, stuffed squid, tomatoes anything really. These were our most favoured, feta packed cherry tomatoes and courgette flowers stuffed with herbaceous rice and feta.

There always seemed to be an incredible local baker on every street corner, perfect for a beach snackette pick up point. Bit of dark rye with ricotta like cheese, oregano sprinkled cucumber and tomato.
Perfect dog & Perfect spot

Definite favourite dish of the holiday : Filo like pastry encasing feta, drizzled with floral honey and toasted sesame seeds.

Sunset walk and wild shrubbery