Silk Vest -  Vintage
Tribal Print Jacket - Car bootie
Indigo Jeans - J Brand
Multi Strap Wedges - Oasis
Necklace - Ottoman Hands

Momofuku Apple Kimchi Salad
As odd as it sounds it is super tasty, something so sweet and pure as apples, muddled with the myriad of flavours from the kimchi  - how can this work? But again, with the other components of crispened smoky bacon and maple syrup combined yogurt, everything was in perfect harmony! What else you can see from the photo was a basic slightly pickled slaw and rocket to bulk up the salad. 



Blazer - Topshop
Palm Print Tee - from mum
Levi's frayed cut off's - thrifted
Strappy faux snake sandals - Office

Mac and Cheese with Carrot Peppadew SalsaUnashamedly anything but comforting, mac and cheese with smoked sausage topped with crumbled cheese and onion crisps (yes, bizarre but highly recommended) and spring onions. Served with salsa to cut through the rich cheese carb fest, but since salad and comfort food don't mix. A grated chopped combo of peppadew peppers, carrot, tomatoes, red and spring onions do the trick!



Printed Maxi - Vintage
Nude heels - Topshop
Necklaces - misc charity, new and passed down

Cauliflower and Courgette Omlette, Dill-y slaw and Spiced Cauliflower 
Three very simple dishes, but together equals a tasty lunch! Omlette, easy peasy just with some lonely half cut fridge left overs. Slaw is made of the usual suspects; finely sliced carrot, cabbage, onion with mayo, lemon juice and dill. The spiced cauliflower is another Moro recipe, fried cauliflower slices with powdered spices including fennel, cumin and corriander seeds with black peppercorns - it is amazing what a well considered sprinkling makes!



Its almost one of those days, totally Topshop, product of my own environment!
Highlighter yellow jumper- Topshop
Grey marl silk mix joggers - Topshop
Rib vest - Margiela
Black stacks - Topshop
Nigel Slater's Spiced Lamb and Pomegranate
This is a fave of mine, easy and all about having some key ingredients. Pomegranates for  sweet freshness, salty green olives to cut through the fatty lamb mince and cooling natural yogurt (chopped mint through for extra zing!) For the lamb just cook off onion slices, mushroom chunks then deseeded chili in a frying pan and add the lamb, to the highest heat possible so it crispens up.Works best on thinner bread types, pitta would work well, I used a plank size of Turkish bread that is dead cheap from my local international supermarket, left in the oven to also crispen up (wrapped in cling film it keeps crisp till the next day.)


Cashmere Cosmic Cardi - Chris Kane
Jeans - Topshop Baxter's
Chelsea Boots - Topshop
Plain tee - Miu Miu 
Momofuku Pigs Head Torchons with Crunchy Salad
These were leftovers from a weekend of cooking but still a
taste sensation a day or two after!
Click here for the full scoop. 


A few beautiful things...

I was perusing the homewares yesterday at a tradeshow for work and spotted some delightful pieces that needed a show and tell. Famous landmarks were repeated, warped and merged with streams of florals and colourful hot air balloons then digitally printed on silk, with edges hand frayed by the designer Lisa Ryder. The duo behind Chase and Wonder of Worcestershire, brought stunning prints with a distinct vintage feel, large and small. The latter can be found in the form of greeting cards, sold in singles or housed in a locally crafted presentation box. I'm always on the look out for new jewels and those of Finchittida Finch caught my magpie eyes straight away, glistening cut out panels on gold dipped chains dangling from ears and chests like intricate aztec relics.The prints of Red Brick Accessories drew me in because of the geometric mix of muted colours with bolder highlights, but it was only on closer inspection that the larger triangles were in fact sails and the scissor like shapes were aerial views of swimmers. Playful and beautiful...

Top to bottom:
Chase and Wonder cards / Finchittida Finch earrings/ Lisa Ryder silk scarves /
Chase and Wonder / Red Brick / Sophisticated Animal Card Set /
Red Brick acrobatics / Eiffel Tower by Lisa Ryder


MAKE: Pork belly ssäm

One of my most favourite things to eat is pork belly. Yes, for the crackling but also for its delicious fat marbled meat. David Chang's recipe from the Momofuku book focuses on the meat and is in essence very simple; using just three ingredients skinless pork belly 1.35kg, 45g coarse sea salt, 70g sugar. It's the processes that transform the humble cut adding depth of flavour and with the accompaniments, which do take a little more effort, the dish is now a firm favourite. So here is Pork belly ssäm, ssäm meaning wrapped, here it is wrapped in lettuce leaves, dressed with mustard seed sauce and served with sliced radishes.  

 Marinate: Firstly find a roasting pan / oven proof cooking vessel that fits the meat nice and snugly, rub the sugar and salt mix all over. Cover with cling film, leave in the fridge for at least 6 hours hours but no more than 24.
Heat on: Preheat the oven to 230˚. Discard any accumulated liquid and put the belly in the oven for 1 hour, basting halfway through. Then reduce heat to 130˚ and cook for another half hour. It should now be a little firm but still a little jiggly! Decant the fat, (cool) and save the fat for cooking and meat jelly for fortifying soups etc.
Wrap: Once meat is cool, wrap it in clingfilm and leave in the fridge to firm up - just so its easier / neater when sliced. Meanwhile scroll down and make accompaniments...
Slice and Finish: After chilling slice into 1cm thick slices. Now you can finish off with the attractive char lines on a barbecue or just on a griddle pan.

Accompaniment 1 + 2 = the Mustard Seed Sauce
1 : Pickled mustard seeds makes 260g:150g yellow mustard seeds, 350ml water, 350ml rice vinegar, 100g sugar, 1 tbsp sea salt, simmer all of these together until seeds are plump. Usually takes 45 mins, constantly stir and add water if it dries out. Keeps in the fridge for months.

2 : Quick pickled cucumbers makes 250g: 1 large cucumber cut into 3mm discs, combine with 1/2 tbsp sugar and 1/2 tsp of sea salt. Let stand for up to 10 mins, adjust seasoning to taste. These are for immediate use.
Combine: (1) 6tbsp pickled mustard seeds, (2) 3 tbsp diced pickled cucumbers, 3 tbsp Dijon mustard,1 tbsp Chinese hot mustard, 3 tbsp mayo (Kewpie recommended), 3 tbsp of thinly sliced spring onions, sea salt and black pepper to taste.

Results: I could gush about this all night long, there is an unexpected depth of flavour, unexpected purely because the meat was only in salt and sugar. The sauce is sharp but mellowed by the creaminess of the mayo, texturally a pleasure to eat and all wrapped up in crunchy lettuce leaves for easy, maximum mouth stuffing! Alternatively I would imagine all of this would be exquisite in a warm baguette, and if you were to have any meat left over (!!) popped in a lazy midweek fried rice would be a happy addition. Don't be put off by the steps, they are all easy and a perfect meat project for a rainy half a day.