Its almost one of those days, totally Topshop, product of my own environment!
Highlighter yellow jumper- Topshop
Grey marl silk mix joggers - Topshop
Rib vest - Margiela
Black stacks - Topshop
Nigel Slater's Spiced Lamb and Pomegranate
This is a fave of mine, easy and all about having some key ingredients. Pomegranates for  sweet freshness, salty green olives to cut through the fatty lamb mince and cooling natural yogurt (chopped mint through for extra zing!) For the lamb just cook off onion slices, mushroom chunks then deseeded chili in a frying pan and add the lamb, to the highest heat possible so it crispens up.Works best on thinner bread types, pitta would work well, I used a plank size of Turkish bread that is dead cheap from my local international supermarket, left in the oven to also crispen up (wrapped in cling film it keeps crisp till the next day.)

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