A few beautiful things...

I was perusing the homewares yesterday at a tradeshow for work and spotted some delightful pieces that needed a show and tell. Famous landmarks were repeated, warped and merged with streams of florals and colourful hot air balloons then digitally printed on silk, with edges hand frayed by the designer Lisa Ryder. The duo behind Chase and Wonder of Worcestershire, brought stunning prints with a distinct vintage feel, large and small. The latter can be found in the form of greeting cards, sold in singles or housed in a locally crafted presentation box. I'm always on the look out for new jewels and those of Finchittida Finch caught my magpie eyes straight away, glistening cut out panels on gold dipped chains dangling from ears and chests like intricate aztec relics.The prints of Red Brick Accessories drew me in because of the geometric mix of muted colours with bolder highlights, but it was only on closer inspection that the larger triangles were in fact sails and the scissor like shapes were aerial views of swimmers. Playful and beautiful...

Top to bottom:
Chase and Wonder cards / Finchittida Finch earrings/ Lisa Ryder silk scarves /
Chase and Wonder / Red Brick / Sophisticated Animal Card Set /
Red Brick acrobatics / Eiffel Tower by Lisa Ryder

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