Resort 2012: Five Faves

A little belated, but here are 5 of my favourite things that came through from the shows and presentations...
The New Colour Block
Colour blocking is taking on a new lease of life, extending to across the body, lines following from cuff to cuff and in bold repitition. Above are classic colours red, white and black looking fresher than ever from Narciso Rodriguez and the punchy sporty colour blocking from T by Alex Wang.
Black & White
Monochrome prints as never before, from tile to florals they have been maximised, minimised, mixed up and slashed with that of-the-season side stripe, all look new and exciting. I love the idea of taking it beyond and dressing head to toe for a full on statement.

Spanish Fling
Just two looks I really like paired together, one of many Spanish señorita looks from Oscar de la Renta of full and ruffled dresses perfect for swishing and foot stomping then from Cheap & Chic a Moschino take on masculine dressing, with a little femme hint with the pink carnation.

Sporty Exposé
There's been a fair bit on relaxed luxe-y sportswear around, my most favoured take on this is the slightly body con maxi with a thigh high split! Best of all in neon pink from Michael Kors and in (yes) vibrant kumquat from Max Azria.

The Row
Last season I wanted to be draped in fur whilst in jewel coloured pyjama trousers and leopard print slippers, come Spring The Row girls  got it bang on again 20's croquet dressing for all hours of the day and night. Mid morning mixed stripes and contrast brogues, post tea time lady like suit dressing all in white and for cocktail hour Klimt inspired applique sheer sleeves and comfy mint washed silk trousers!



61 Rupert Street, Westminster, London W1D 7PW - no telephone number, no bookings

Through trial and not much error, founders of the Polpo family have found that perfect restaurant equation: convincingly aged urban interior plus inspired mini plates of food plus ballsy booze served up by the knowledgeable and good looking equalling out the door queues and minus the need for a reservation policy or even a phone for that matter. Months after the initial rave reviews from the  London circuit’s most critical I tested out Spuntino’s staying power.

Desirable aged interiors / Celebratory Negroni 
Prior warning of an early arrival from the aforementioned set us in a prime position smack bang in the middle of the bar, the sole dining area apart from a four seater in the alcove, and happily not heading up the steadily growing queue. I gazed across the table mat menu and spotted the signature truffled eggy bread and pb&j concoction, these were no brainer choices being faves of mine regardless of their reputation. Everything else was new and exciting grazing territory and sectioned up evenly,  into twisted starters like stuffed and deep fried olives, and with The Burger having its moment in the limelight, a slider section and following the Americana footsteps mac and cheese featured as one of the larger plate and inventive sides like eggplant chips with fennel mayo. So all in all pretty spoilt for choice, so we ended up going for...
The slaw was the first to arrive and then joined by the infamous truffled egg. Sadly there was less sparkle about the dish than I had anticipated, perhaps partly due to everyone else across the bar were face to face with this same egg making it feel commonplace, this and something about the execution. Yes the yolk was seductively oozy, bread was porous yet fluffy making it ideal for dunking but the cheese was only mid melt, nowhere near the point where bubbling transforms into a subtle cheesy crunch. Although there can be no disputing a kitchen who conjures up the idea of luxurious egg and soldiers, it was merely a shame it was overhyped and not the best dish of the meal.
Another of the larger plates was the calamari in its ink and chickpeas which was superb. Simple and flash fried with a hint of chilli and smattering of spinach, the squid was sweet and sat harmoniously with its savoury ink. All of the above went well with the non dairy-fied slaw,  more of a light pickle which was perfect for cutting through the rich flavours, particularly good with the sliders. We went for the bone marrow and beef and pulled pork and pickled apple, which were both  tasty but a bit dry and if I were to be pernickety weren’t technically sliders which are supposed to be 2.5 inches in width, very thin with other components layered on top and gridled together.  

My peanut butter and jelly sandwich arrived and I immediately thought that I wouldn’t be able to polish off such a beauty considering the richness, how much I had already consumed and the hearty portion I was now faced. Lo and behold the plate left me without even a dusting of the peanut brittle. Cast your mind back if you will, to last year’s disappointing posh PB &J from Per Se where the flavours were muddled in mediocrity and not distinctive of their namesake. Not the case here, there were three clear elements; the sandwich which was just like I would imagine eating frozen peanut butter would be, then rich berry compote spluttering out from the sides and a pleasingly hefty dusting of peanut brittle for those crunchy appreciators. My mum went for the strawberry and coconut mess with her bowl similarly leaving her cleaner than it would out of the pot wash.

Nothing beats an original. The head of the family will always be the leader and this is true with Familia Polpo. With so much expectation riding on the little brother to follow in such successful footsteps there is more evident room for error, albeit the case of a few extra seconds under the grill. I will be returning but next time I’ll go more off piste in my choices but I will  maintain an early arrival as I am sure the hoards of the hungry will carry on frequenting.

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Watermelon Stripes and Studs
Chiffon front cami - Topshop
watermelon stripe midi - Chazza shop
Stacked studded heels - Topshop
Wrap around belt - Mums

Mega Burrito
Firstly pardon the iphone close ups!
Thanks to my trusty multi compartment tupperware box everything was kept seperate and fresh, ready for midday assembly. First the wrap based with a defrosted pasta tomato sauce tarted up with chilli flakes and sauteed onions, then rice from last night, braod beans and diced red pepper, topped with spiced mince (also from the freezer and fried last night), then a generous sprinkling of mature cheddar.
The only tricky thing here is the wrapping, trying to avoid filling spillage!
After many tried and tested times with the canteen panini machine I have found a layer of baking paper then foil withstands the gridle heat the best.



Silk side dress - Topshop Boutique
Leopard block wedges - River Island
Circle grid necklace - Urban Outfitters

Simple Watermelon Salad
Letting the heat dictate my food needs I went for a refreshing watermelon, feta, mint and rocket salad
drizzled liberally with a lemon and orange juice vinegrette.



Space Dye Tank - good old Toppers
Wide Leg Trousers - Philippine thrift store
Fave belt - Mum's
Weave Buckle Clutch - Vintage

Meatballs Meatballs
Special recipe from mum, involving pre frying then  a lot of slow cooking. Mix mini cubed red pepper, crushed garlic, chopped parsley, an egg, finely chopped onions and a squirt of ketchup
to the beef mince and season well, ball them then fry.
Again, batch make for meatball subs and spaghetti meatballs at a later date.
This time some rice, broccoli and beans do just fine - I've taken to drizzling chilli oil over also!



Perriwinkle button down dress - this may be my fave colour for summer and yes replacing the kumquat!
Vintage from Glasgow
Acid wash denim jacket - dad's
White sandals - Topshop
Sunnies - Dries

Left Overs and Gifts for lunch
Last nights pork loin roast transformed to a zingy salad with mango cubes,
pomegrante, crushed peanuts and a lime and agave syrup dressing.
Oh, and some homemade spring rolls a friend brought over.



Oversized Oxblood Pocket Dress - H&M
Khaki boots - Kurt Geiger
New Jewels - leather fringed  and dreamcatcher bracelet / jewel eye ring
all from the Peruvian man at Chapel Street Market
Old Jewels - Multi seed bead strand necklace / Copper link necklace both thrifted

Toasted Onion Bagel
I love my fresh bagels and bulk buy whenever I get to go to the bagel shop.
Bit of a lazy (empty fridge)  lunch but non the less tasty, used slices of chorizo, some roasted toms,
grated mature cheddar and a smattering of wholegrain mustard.
Been toasting my wraps/bagels/sandwiches with the use of works canteen panini machine,
politeness and a smile works a charm!


Fork & Corset Friends

As well as some of my style and food bits I would like to introduce you to some of my friends, in a Through the Keyhole sort of way. I will be nosey-ing through wardrobes, pantries and fridges and other cubby holes that may be of interest. Premiering on the Fork & Corset is my dear friend Lynsey Mackay.

MAC make up collection / LM and that show stopping gold piece

Some favoured neon hues to brush up those camel-y blondes / Assortment of homemade pickles
Book shelf snapshot / Highlighter colour textiles from Bolivian travels

London Print Club print / dressing table stuffs

Balcony gardening still yields a good crop of herbs and chillies / Top shelves of things to create sweet tooth heaven and bottom for savoury staples, like the Maldon salt
A face sized Albion cookie and an exquisite navy wool overcoat and fur trim collar / spice central

Self made cushions from vintage floral fabric / Cosy corner of travel pick ups
A few items from the enviable collection / Pop paisley print from a canvas bag


Heston: the home experience

A perfect chilled out Friday: the best chinese in the borough from Green Cottage, entertaining company, dessert via the Waitrose aisles. After a sweltering weekend relieved by frozen yoghurt and blueberries from Slice of Ice I have had a hankering for the same all week. And despite the Cottage providing excellent salt and chilli squid and sublime bbq meats, a banana fritter just doesn't hit the post dinner sweet spot. So off we tottered to Waitrose only to be tempted with all the other shelf-above-the-rest groceries...
Tropicanawho? Superfruit juices for half the price. Yes please.
With a shopping list of one item, I left with two extra.
A Hibiscus Juice thats 100% Natural and packed with antioxidants, feeling sunning in the garden over ice tomorrow.
The craving satisifed by Yeo Valley frozen honey yoghurt.

  Tucked away next to some measely Mars ice cream bars was this cold crystalized treasure. For a mere £2.79 a touch of quintessential Heston magic is all yours.  Serving suggestions include a scoop in gazpachos, or eaten with hot or cold hams or paired with glazed and roasted pears. Although served solo is also delicious, but admittedly strange in a good way, creamy but with a slight nippy warmth if that can make sense! The only other flavour we could find was Dark Chocolate and Thyme, maybe for next Friday!