Watermelon Stripes and Studs
Chiffon front cami - Topshop
watermelon stripe midi - Chazza shop
Stacked studded heels - Topshop
Wrap around belt - Mums

Mega Burrito
Firstly pardon the iphone close ups!
Thanks to my trusty multi compartment tupperware box everything was kept seperate and fresh, ready for midday assembly. First the wrap based with a defrosted pasta tomato sauce tarted up with chilli flakes and sauteed onions, then rice from last night, braod beans and diced red pepper, topped with spiced mince (also from the freezer and fried last night), then a generous sprinkling of mature cheddar.
The only tricky thing here is the wrapping, trying to avoid filling spillage!
After many tried and tested times with the canteen panini machine I have found a layer of baking paper then foil withstands the gridle heat the best.

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