Heston: the home experience

A perfect chilled out Friday: the best chinese in the borough from Green Cottage, entertaining company, dessert via the Waitrose aisles. After a sweltering weekend relieved by frozen yoghurt and blueberries from Slice of Ice I have had a hankering for the same all week. And despite the Cottage providing excellent salt and chilli squid and sublime bbq meats, a banana fritter just doesn't hit the post dinner sweet spot. So off we tottered to Waitrose only to be tempted with all the other shelf-above-the-rest groceries...
Tropicanawho? Superfruit juices for half the price. Yes please.
With a shopping list of one item, I left with two extra.
A Hibiscus Juice thats 100% Natural and packed with antioxidants, feeling sunning in the garden over ice tomorrow.
The craving satisifed by Yeo Valley frozen honey yoghurt.

  Tucked away next to some measely Mars ice cream bars was this cold crystalized treasure. For a mere £2.79 a touch of quintessential Heston magic is all yours.  Serving suggestions include a scoop in gazpachos, or eaten with hot or cold hams or paired with glazed and roasted pears. Although served solo is also delicious, but admittedly strange in a good way, creamy but with a slight nippy warmth if that can make sense! The only other flavour we could find was Dark Chocolate and Thyme, maybe for next Friday!

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