Neon Loose Knit Jumper - Topshop
Oversized Check Shirt - H&M
Russell and Bromley Loafers
Baked Sweet Potato and Mum's Garden Tomato SaladMiserable rainy days scream out for hot comforting food, so I tripled up with a buttered vermillion sweet potato filled with equally soothing lamb chilli topped with melted mature cheddar, with a little bite from green olives. A little reminder of summer came from a simple mixed tomato salad (the last of them from my mum's garden) with beetroot.


So, today is indeed Sunday (hurray!!) but this was what I was munching and donning on Wednesday. I'll be playing this delightful game of catch up for the next two days thanks to internet problems earlier in the week!

Denim Shirt - Acne
Indigo Skinnies - J Brand
Snakeskin and Black Sandals - Zara
Merguez and bulgar in a Dukkah wrap
So, I had a lot of left over dukkah from Monday and thought mixing it through a simple flatbread mix  would work well with the other flavours inside the wrap (roughly 2 tbsp of dukkah to 180g of plain flour and mixed with a tbsp of olive oil and enough water to bring it together, this is then rolled and cooked in  a frying pan which is super hot!) Star of the wrap was one of Andrew's hand made merguez sausages, they were spiced but not too fiery, ideal with the bulgar wheat mix, carrot, cucumber, mint which was dressed generously with lemon.



BT have a lot to answer for for this being so belated, broadband was on the blink for the past 2 days - sorry!
Plastic Red Mac - Topshop
M Jumper - YMC
Polka Floral Trousers - Topshop
Patent loafers - Russell & Bromley
Smoked Haddock Cake Open Sandwich
For no other reason than my eyes being bigger than my two slices of bread I had prepared for this has made this an open sandwich. Two smoked haddock fish cakes from last night, butterhead lettuce that folds out like a note book, cucumber and marie rose sauce with tarragon and tomatoes were never going to fit comfortably on the two slices of homemade caramelised onion and bacon bread!



My old little laptop has been inactive for the past few weeks due to a much needed check up and mending, but here we go again with a week of outfits and lunxhbox treats!

Biker - Topshop
Bronx Hoodie - American College
Split side maxi - Vintage
Converse Hi Tops
Artichoke & Dukkah FarinataThis dish is a weird and glorious mix of a few things; falafels as you normally would do placed in the farinata, an unleavened pancake here made with quinoa and gram flour, both elements were pepped up with dukkah which is an Egyptian pounded spice and nut mix. Served with a simple lettuce, carrot, feta and tomatoes and dressed with a lemon vinaigrette.



It's been around for a while, rooted back in the 16th Century, modern guises of the Aztec print have graced everything from clutches to arm chairs. I personally can't get enough of it, the colour combinations, pleasing repetitive shapes...