So, today is indeed Sunday (hurray!!) but this was what I was munching and donning on Wednesday. I'll be playing this delightful game of catch up for the next two days thanks to internet problems earlier in the week!

Denim Shirt - Acne
Indigo Skinnies - J Brand
Snakeskin and Black Sandals - Zara
Merguez and bulgar in a Dukkah wrap
So, I had a lot of left over dukkah from Monday and thought mixing it through a simple flatbread mix  would work well with the other flavours inside the wrap (roughly 2 tbsp of dukkah to 180g of plain flour and mixed with a tbsp of olive oil and enough water to bring it together, this is then rolled and cooked in  a frying pan which is super hot!) Star of the wrap was one of Andrew's hand made merguez sausages, they were spiced but not too fiery, ideal with the bulgar wheat mix, carrot, cucumber, mint which was dressed generously with lemon.

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