Burgers are King

Burgers may possibly be the most overdone food in the world. Though when quality prevails, the humble burger is transformed into something immense. The following is not a definitive list but perhaps the start of a great list.

Shake Shack
Location: Madison Square Park NY, (NY multiple locations & Miami)
Cheeseburger: £2.80

In a way I am thankful that this delight is not available this side of the pond, as I may well have had to live a future permanently in elasticised waisted trousers. The meal itself is a fast food hero. Perfectly delectable; juicy meat patties with slight char on the outer, oozing cheese and savoury sweet bun. Being a non crinkle fry fan, the Shack quickly converted me, as theirs are IN-CREDIBLE! The extra surface area the crinkle provides allows for ten times more crispiness, but fluffy potato within. Let us not forget the milkshakes too; flavours of the week include peanut butter and jelly (drool) as well as the usual suspects.

That Burger
Location: Relocating (previously Watford)
Cheeseburger: £2.55

Yes, the pilgrimage to zone 8 was worth it! I love the fact that here you can personalise your burger at every stage of construction, making every one freshly made to your fancy. From how many patties, what cheese (blue, swiss, sliced American or all three) to extra toppings (sautéed mushrooms to guac.) The absolute highlight though is melted cheese sauce to dunk the hand cut fries in, or as I did dunk the burger in!
The Meatwagon
Location: Peckham - various / New Cross
Cheeseburger: £5.00

Left: Crisp-chopped-flattened-bacon burger      Right: Cheesy Jalepno
The infamous mobile burger van was created by Yianni Papoutsis who searched out the best burger making techniques from across the states and combined this with the popular street food craze. More recently moving to its semi permanent home, The Meateasy. Where the burgers remain core and the queues continue to snake round corners.  Allow me to digress somewhat, to mention that the Meateasy serves up other all American treats such as Philly cheesesteak, mac n' cheese and chilli wings with blue cheese and sour cream sauce (double drool!)
Believe the hype? You should. The meat is pink and succulent, with a pleasurable scorched crust, the embellishments of dome steamed cheese and fresh red onion and lettuce are just right, then sandwiched between soft sourdough bun. Meatwagon burgers are always a winner.

Five Guys
Location: Bleeker (nationwide in 40 out of 50 US states)

This is how a burger chain should be run, all the above are amazing but Five Guys operate on a super scale without compromise to taste. Unlike the above, their burgers are well done, without detriment to the flavour. The Five Guys offer is simple but thorough; burgers, fries and sodas to wash all the goodness down with. Best bit: add as many topping you want with no extra cost, jalepenos, steak sauce, grilled onions...even if you get the full works!

Andrews Homemade
Location: The Grays House, Aberdeen
Cheeseburger: approx £1.50

Homemade is where the heart is. Learning from the tips by the professional burgermeisters my boyfriend embarked on his own quest, as always I nominated myself chief taster. Freshly minced Aberdeen Angus, salt and pepper. Flame grilled on the barbeque. Cheese of choice, sandwich with your faves.  Further details in next post, but for now the final outcome. 

Apologies to any west coast Americans...I am yet to venture further than NYC to sample your In-N-Out burger, but from rave recommendations I know I will have much love for it!

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  1. oh Mary you really know how to tickle the tastebuds....! Keep up the mouthwatering posts.