Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up for £7 general admission

Allow me this one chance to digress from the two "F" realms as I cannot reccomend this enough... Last weekend Lynsey and I ended up spending the majority of our Sunday at the Somerset House taking in the graphic art scenery of the second edition of Pick Me Up. With chances to buy, witness and take part in the whole process it was easy to get lost in the works of the super intricate collages of Seiko Kato or whimsical typography of Jessica Hische as we did. Don't want to overshare as you should go and catch it if you can - last chance is this Sunday!
With Anthony Burrill as this year's artist in residence he has left a table full of his frequently used icons, coloured paper and a photocopier as well as some helpers to let you get creative. Here was my outcome...

 I could not bear to write about some food, after a good few hours we headed for Tom's Deli and had a refreshing crayfish and watermelon salad and a pretty good brownie with what tasted like caramelised walnuts on top. Yumtown.

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