Lobster Love In

Despite the unflattering picture, I am more than happy to share with you one of my most contentest moments. This is the Lobster Bar in Red Hook NYC last year.

Any place that serves up half a lobster in a bun with herby mayo with a sprinkling of greenery ain't gonna be bad. My oh my was it good. I stepped into what looked like a chippy without the bright light box display of yellow crispiness. Instead when I ordered half the menu (options are lobster bun or crayfish bun with or without salted crisps) the rosy lady sliced up some sweet buns glazed them with melted butter and sent them to the grill. Whilst replacement crustaceans were fetched from the ginormous jacuzzi sized tank to the left of me, I peered in to see their sapphire speckled tails and claws snapping at me. I giggled gleefully.

This was in fact the crayfish roll, which contraversially was better than the lobster! The lobster was chunkily diced but each finger sized crayfish was left whole, keeping all juiciness intact!
The first bite was beyond my dreams. I love sandwiches and I love crustaceans great and small. Here they were brought together perfectly, lobsters and crayfish fresh of the boats from Maine explain their supreme juicness and sweetness and the grilled buttery bun provided a satisfyingly crunchy edge. the only sad part was that such a place, I have never seen in dear old London. Until now....

For months I have been following the Rock Lobsta on Twitter eagerly awaiting its brief stay at the dreamy boutique Luna and Curious up until this Sunday. The promise of another bun of filled with the sea's finest was a wonderful thing to look forward to on a Friday evening. Brew Dog IPA in hand and a quick scan of the options of lobster, 50/50 crab and lobster, brown crab meat or a carb fee option of six crayfish (self peel needed) led me to the easy decision of parting with £15.50 for a Hackney Lobster roll with crab mayo served with oyster and vinegar crisps and a sample of pickled samphire and carrot.
The Hackney Lobster Roll
I am an honest eater and this was a good effort; there was an entire lobster claw and a fair bit of meat throughout the mayonaise which was well flavoured and I like the added crunch of the cubed peppers throughout. Loved the very British pickle touch, although it lacked a decent amount of acidic punch. However the bun was poor, it tasted mass bought and a little stale. The biggest point of difference which made the Red Hook Roll send me straight to food heaven was the softness of the bun but the contrast of the buttered and crisp inner in which the delicate meat lay.
 All in all it is well worth a taste, for a different bite mid east end trawling and also for the superb little boutique which is housing it. Munch and browse the curious and the pretty artefacts in this well displayed store.
A mouthful of sweetness
Eager hands preparing

My favourite piece in the shop was this Hungry Hippo cold plated ring, what a beauty

A selection of quirky crockery, independently designed clothing
and lots of individual pieces to decorate your house and yourself!

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