Maltby Street

I find there no better activity for a late Saturday morning than strolling along a cobbled street, sipping a great coffee whilst gazing at quality produce that sends your brain into potential meal overload. For a fair few Maltby Street has been a regular destination for just that for almost a year, since many followed suit from Monmouth Coffee, who opened its stores to the hungry and thirsty weekend wanderers. Everything about this small stretch is a breath of fresh air, especially in comparison to the tourist trampled neighbouring Borough, there is space for sauntering, a condensed amount of expert producers like artisanal brewery Kernel and good old Neal's Yard Dairy and a certain tranquillity.

So, if you are in need of further convincing of where to go next Saturday between the hours of nine till two have a glance at my pictures:


Coleman Coffee Roasters
Smoked Garlic
Double Meat spread from The Ham & Cheese Co.
Biodynamically grown courgettes from Fern Verrow
Kernel Brewery Ale
Pancetta from the H & C co.
I am still yet to arrive early enough to pick up one of those much raved about custard filled doughnuts from St. Johns, an incentive to wake up early.

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