Pitt Cue Co. Parks Up

Sun, lingering nights and smoky wafts of barbecue makes summer. Last year the first proper contender to the smoking and barbecue emporiums of the Deep South parked up for the season on the Southbank. A glorious shiny silver carriage with a giant pig emblem, the Pitt Cue Co. had arrived to whet our taste buds but left shortly leaving the hoards pining for more. Up until mid last week I had in filled my dreams of juicy strips of pulled pork with a ridiculous amount of Triple D viewing instead, but lo and behold confirmation of a permanent shop set up for the PCC came and saved me from salivating at my TV screen.
The gleaming van of pure goodness.
Pulled pork smoked over hickory, homemade beans, creamy slaw and charred soda bread for mopping.

Genuine love for the smoker and tasty meat results brought Jamie Berger and Tom Adams to set up a mobile eatery and now a restaurant. The menu reads like an extended version of last summer’s, pulled pork and brisket as a standard but also a changing cut of steak, sausages and more unexpected smoked cuts like oxtail and cheek. From memory the meat was super succulent as you would expect from being smoked for hours, with the undesirable gristly bits in the meat literally breaking down into sugars, but the beauty of it came also from the sides as well and the quality of the meat (all pigs used were Gloucester Old Spots.)
Pure deliciousness - pulled pork

Traditional accompaniments are of course coleslaw which when served out of the van was a lusciously creamy and cumin-y spiced but this is being traded in for a more punchy sounding version with fennel and onions steeped in vinegar and pepped up with fresh herbs. Others include turtle baked beans and pickles as a standard. Plus the much loved pickle back and skin is there to stay; a shot of whiskey, pickle brine chaser and curls of crackling to be consumed in that order.
Pickle back and skin

Needless to say I am beside myself that I can now relive those summer nights in just a couple of weeks, and will be able to do so for the foreseeable future. 1 Newburgh Street has now become my new favourite address in London, and for just a tenner for a meal or a take away bun for £6.50 I can predict I will not be the only one. Hurrah for the pig, the smoker and the Pitt Cue Co!

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