Beanie - Topshop
Sheer dress - H&M
Boots - Acne
Houndstooth / Camou Coat - Kilburn Car boot sale
Jewels - misc
Homemade Baked Beans and Spicy Corn Salad
They are easy, keep well and are delicious. Just spare 4 hours and they are yours, its a combination of diced onion, pre soaked white beans, cubed smoke pork belly (or pancetta,) double sweetness from molasses and brown sugar, some tomato puree, bay, cinnamon stick, cloves and a good dash of Worcestershire sauce and water. This preparing takes about 15 minutes, all the effort is waiting for them to bubble away. I ate these with a hunk of crusty sour dough and a spicy salad of crushed potatoes, corn off the cob, spinach and a lemony chilli dressing.

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