Number 8 Announced

As with the past two years this eve sees us leaving our holiday destination in the hands of Lady Luck, or more accurately the team of 800 industry experts at San Pelligrino. There are always movers and shakers, Heston's own Fat Duck is down 8 to 13 but Dinner is new in at 9. My beloved Le Chateaubriand has also shimmied down to 15th place, and the restaurant that started this all off Per Se is up to 6th. And to howling woops Noma scores a hat trick at the top spot!

However, the result I was at the edge of my seat for was the number 8 place, which this year (again) is Arzak in San Sebastian. Delights in store look intriguing... Can't wait to sample all from the daughter (who also won best female chef this year) and father duo.

from www.dn-asia.com

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