S T K + A M S

As with the rest of the country I am well and truly ready for the three day weekend. Last week I was in Stockholm for work and have just come back from trend spotting at Lowlands festival in Amsterdam. Here are pictures from both cities, Stockholm on the right and Amsterdam on the flip side...

Colourful scenes from Vintage shops to comedy at the Titty Twister tent!
Beautiful things at Acne - potential treasures at Waterlooplein flea market
encyclopedic prints & taxidermy - fun posters at the festival
Interior admiration at Whyred
sifting the crowds
La nuit

Hotel room in hanging apparatus - dipped in black vs continuous
tile repitition at Kottbaren and at Hotel V
Salmon on rye - "cheese blocks" with green mustard
floors: Story hotels pastels and V's pirates gold
Under the stars, gold painted under the bridge and sunset over the festival
+++ Happy bank holiday +++

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