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Momofuku Chicken wings and Crunchy Salad
Yet another tried and tested Momofuku recipe from me, they are increasingly more and more delicious! Admittedly  this is the longest recipe for chicken wings I have ever come across, to be semi cured for no more than 6 hours, then confited for under an hour to be finally finished off on the highest heat on the hob -without a doubt worth it though! Served topped with heaps of spring onions and pickled chillies. When I did them at home the night before I finished them off as Chang advised, tossed in tare (an incredible concentrated mix of sake, soy and mirin which was reduced with the wing tips)
 and crispened the frying pan. For today's sunny afternoon lunch break I ate them with a leaf salad with carrot ribbons, cucumber sticks and crushed toasted peanuts.

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