White pocket vest - Topshop
Sheer sea foam shirt - vintage
Black leggings - American Apparel
Multi strap nude wedges - Oasis (!)
Vietnamese Pork Belly Summer Rolls
Taking cue from our gloriously unseasonal weather I thought I would whip out some rice paper and combine a whole lot of freshness with some of last night's pork for some Summer Rolls. Pork belly had been roasted so ready for layering with thin carrot and cucumber sticks, rice noodles, iceberg lettuce, smatterings of mint and corriander leaves and drizzled with sweet chilli sauce. To get that authentic vietnamese dipping sauce, all you need is some rice wine vinegar and a third amount of sugar, let the granules dissolve and that is literally it, I like to add thin slices of spring onions and chopped corriander stalks too. The only tricky bit is rolling up and not overfilling!

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