Necklace - thrifted
Mohair cropped turtleneck knit - Topshop Boutique
Salmon slinky maxi - Weekday
Converse High Tops
Brindisa Chorizo and Broccoli Paella
An easy choice for a Monday, last nights dinner of paella, which I still believe is easier to make than risotto. You start off the same saute the onion and garlic, but then add paprika and cook off, back to the usual by adding in the rice . However instead of stock at this point add chopped tomatoes and a generous splash of white wine, simmer then add stock to cover the rice. To get that distinctive yellow and some saffron soaked in water to loosen it up. Bring to a vigorous simmer for 10 minutes - but don't stir! Cook for a further 8 minutes, still hold the stirring then add your veg
 (I used broccoli.) At the last stage I added peas and the pre cooked and crispened up chorizo and
let everything cook with the lid on and off the heat.
Great straight up and the next day - squeeze of lime and some fresh spinach and there you go!

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