Scotland Roadtripping II

Monachyle Mohr is what so many boutique hoteliers aim to be but through lack of genuinity fail quite far off the mark. Lewis and team succeeded above and beyond, even convincing me that country life, at Monachyle Mhor anyway, was the life for me! It was a very sad Sunday when we left, the weather was sad for us as we headed for the west coast the legendary Scottish showers followed us. Not to worry the grey clouds did not defeat us, thanks to AC DC and Fleetwood Mac.

After dumping our bags in our new b&b home we headed for the Oban shoreline, with one colour in mind. Green. For green is where the hut lies and the seafood dreams begin...

half dozen oysters / a pot of shrimp
white and brown crab meat plus claw / razor clams

Ambiguity aside, Andrew had heard of the legend of the green hut, that has been a local hub for dispensing seafood from the boats (into hungry mouths) before the restaurants get their mitts on it for longer than our years. The staff led by courdrouyed and flat capped founder Johnnie feed the eager and the greedy demanding the change in your pockets in exchange for succulent sea treats. Our inital order was for half a dozen oysters, pot of shrimp and some mussels - made to order by Johnnie, who throws in a good story whilst he heats them with tomatoes garlic and ahem "sparkling white wine".

We perched ourselves on the adjacent benches and watched the ferries and fishing boats come in and out, until we got word of a small lot of razor clams were coming. So to bide the time we tucked into some crab needing only a squeeze of lemon. The small order ended up being nearly ten but not enough for two portions so we agreed to have them all, like the mussels they were tossed in butter and garlic and served with some brown Hovis. As simple as they come and as fresh as possible. Everything was succulent and bursted with sweetness, and all for a peasantly thirteen pound coins and maybe some silver!

Other Oban activities included a boozy ferry trip to the Isle of Mull to see Duart Castle and "fly cup" (mid morn tea) at the WI run tea room. Fantastic homebakes as you would expect. Also the first out of two whiskey distillery tours and tasting. All very good, but no so good is the chipper with Rick Steins face in the window, a prime example of false advertising.

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