The Homeland a Retrospective

I am venturing back to London after visiting Andrews bountiful homeland of Scotland over the  long bank holiday, here is an insight into mine...
Watermelons in abundance, so to with Indian mangoes and just picked banana bunches.
The plated rolls were home delivered caramel banana spring rolls.
Market place selcetion of dried noodles, mini packs of oils, dressing and spices.
The Philippines is a cluster of a thousand islands off the Pacific Ocean and its my homeland and retreat every two years. My family originate from a small town eight hours drive from the capital on the main island of Luzon. When I am there there is little else but sunshine, family and fresh air weaving through the coconut trees. A delightful change for a few weeks to London living.

On my trip last year I took a more vested interest in the stunningly fresh produce which was offered up left, right and centre. I made a lot of fresh salads with asian greens kang kong and petchay, grilled river fish like Indian mackerel wrapped in banana leaves with chilli and kalamansi dipping sauce.

It's maybe perhaps down to the heat or laziness of the customers, but many market sellers also do house to house selling of anything from the morning snack "taho" (silken tofu, pearl sago and vanilla syrup) to just off the line fish. Above are a selection of the nearby rivers treats, check out the fish's eyes - fressssssssssh as.

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