49 Columbia Rd City of London E2 7RG - (0207) 729 5692
Main Dishes start from £8.00 and up to £15.00

First warm balmy day of the year and the French windows are ajar in the backroom of Brawn. Serious cutlery, clean medley of wooden chairs and complimentary sparkling water make it feel familiar and the best side of continental. The menu is French influenced, Fergus Henderson friendly and changes daily.

Being a girls dinner there was very hot gossip distractions, however it only took a glance at the menu to hook us into food mode. With wise recommendations from our waitress we went for...

Half Pint of prawns and a glass of white to start - classic
Carpaccio of Salt Cod with grapefruit and black olives - refreshing combo, probably my fave of the night
Geisers (Gizzards) with french beans and chilli and parsley
Ox Tongue with Green Lentils and Green Sauce - and may I say don't knock it till you try it.
I am a mega tongue fan (no laughing please), its dense but light and packed with flavour

Crepes with Salt Butter Caramel, again so simple but total taste sensation. We only had a Chocolate Mousse,
which I usually avoid due to bland airniess, however Brawns ruled!
Just to give you a taster of other delights from the kitchen and diaily rotated menu, here is what my dear friend and fellow blogger Rani chowed down on last time...
Field Mushrooms with gremolata and bone marrow, cured meats and sourdough

Dover Sole with Mussel and Shrimp "Sauce" and LOTS of butter.

Spatchcock Quail with Pomegrante and Pistachios

Treacle Treat Tart - nice thin buttery pastry with gooey sweet centre

With such fashionable surroundings and popular location you could mistake brawn for good looking airhead type of restaurant. However the food is intelligent and resourceful. And the variety of audience they lure in is a testament to the quality of product (service and food,) fine for solo book reading dining or a family affair. Can't fault it other than can there be one in my area code and be my local?

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