Winter's Back :(
Oatmeal Aran Jumper - Vintage shop in Berlin
Denim Ski Pants rolled up - Vintage from NYC
Patent Men Shoes - Russel & Bromley
Red Oversiz Check Scarf - Flea Market Berlin
Camel Wool Coat - Zara

Pimped Up Miso Soup
This makes out 65% of my lunch repetoire, so simple just get chopping and add boiled water to a couple of things and assemble at work or wherever is near a kettle...
Organic Miso Soup packet (just add boiled water!) with some left over dim sum (or add any leftover meat or prawns,) soak glass noodles in boiling water for 5 mins, take a potato pealer to a carrot and add spinach. Basically add whatever you have, improvise!

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