Every Quarter Counts

In what situation would you find illustrator Joanna Moore , creator of the St John emblem, all round good food expert Matthew Fort and Sam Bompass, from the experimentalist duo Bompass and Parr, altogether? Most likely on the pages of food quarterly Fire & Knives.

Nearing a year and a half year of pooling opinions and stories from a well selected range of food writers and general food enthusiasts, each installment is always entertaining and engaging. The contents showcase an intelligent and varied knowledge on the subject of food and related topics in a welcomingly fresh way. Whilst vintage poster imagery and illustrations by the likes of Moore provide a perfect filling inbetween the sandwiching paragraphs. My most favoured articles is the dazzling account of Joe "the bartender" Gilmore from the Savoy and his experiences of serving prolific celebs such as Sinatra to Capote. To the everyday turned humourous, such as the piece by James Ramsden of the Secret Larder Supper Club and his pyschoanalysis of various food shopping lists.

A few weeks ago the magazine leaped off it's pages, quite literally, and into a hall in Holborn for a tasty afternoon of Fire and Knives treats. Fort enthralled an audience with a literary walk through detective fiction with food conatations. Future foodologist Morgaine Gaye looked into her food crystal ball and predicted Peruvian food to be the new sushi and that personalised sandwich making vending machines would banish our daily trips to Pret. Before midday Sam bompass' giant vessel of communal fruit salad cocktail, made with a champagne base, fleur de violet and gin was making the rounds whilst he educated us in ether and its cocktail history originating from the1890's!

With tastebuds primed with a morning of talks and sampling, reigning supper club queen Ms Marmitelover served up a feast of...

Scallops seared on salt plates and seasoned with vanilla salt, with cream and chive broth.
On the salt theme, a platter of flavoured salts were passed round from rose to egg flavoured!

Smartest dressed whole salmon I have ever seen! Served with pea shoots and blood orange salad and buttery new potatoes and truffle salt.

A Grand Sweet and Cheesy Finale: Swan meringues with rose water, almonds and blackberries
and chesse platter from The Deli Station  
Satisfied and raring for part deux a little light entertainment ensued from pancake flipping drag queen from The Pale Door, a magic performing dragon usually found at cabaret joints like Circus and a passionate talk about artisan hands triumphing over robotic made bread  from Bristolian baker Sam Leach.

The day was fully representative of the written version, food related, diverse and appealing from all angles. Subscribe or miss out. Simple.

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  1. Piff the Magic Dragon!! We saw him at La Reve at Cafe de Paris. Very funny.