Going, going.... almost gone!

This time next week will be the final day in which to get the full Meateasy experience, from then on you will have to catch the wagon somewhere in the Peckham vicinity.

Last Saturdays indulging is still making me smile, because that is the essence of the Meat estabilshment. Its fun, and there is a sort of meat appreciation community feel about the place. I particularly like the tally of the converted vegetarians on the side on the chalk board menu wall. Everytime I have visited this place and chased the beefy scents of the wagon I always want to stay and grab another bite or another tailormade cocktail, but I also feel I should give my space up for another eager eater. Or more likely I just leave as I have over consumed, again, and spent all my pennies!

I have raved about this place for months to everyone that would listen. This is the last time I will sing any praises, because if these photos don't sway you you don't deserve the best burger in London!

YES mac n chees, YES chicken burger, YES chilli cheese fries and YES the almighty chilli burger!
One pic that didn't come out so well and we were so nearly going to dismiss it but don't be fooled. The chocolate brownie sundae is modest in size but brimming with chocolatey-malty-goodness. Order two!

The Meateasy doesn't need yet another glowing review to pack its tables, but you need the Meateasy in your life!

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