The Lunchbox & the Wardrobe - MONDAY

Everyday after my morning coffee, I countdown to lunchtime. Here's a peak into my lunch box and what I'm wearing at the mo. Nothing is better than the switch of a winter to a summer wardrobe.

Scallop Vest from Topshop - I have these in pretty much every colour. So versatile
Crushed Silk Printed Joggers - the BEST present ever from Hong Kong, the print and colours are insane!
Converse High Tops - Classic with a little neon sock twist
Jewellery: Long Bronze Chain / Silver Chain / Crystal Necklace - Topshop / Vintage / Souvenir from Brazil

Smoked Pepper Mackerel Nicoise Salad Of Sorts
Smoked mackerel flaked through mixed salad leaves, peas, red pepper slices, baby potatoes,
soft boiled egg and oven dried tomatoes with homemade vinegrette.
This was super filling, super healthy and so easy. All it is is a case of assembling and doing simple cooking like boiling components and leaving some toms to slow cook in the oven for a couple of hours. Do the prep the day before and then stick it all in your lunchbox!

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  1. YUM! LOVE the colours and LOVE that we get to see the sylish miss San Pablo! Keep em' coming!