Second stop was Antigua, where food is full of plantain and surf n turf spiced stew pots and the colours were so vivid it was like watching the Wizard of Oz (tropical version) for the first time! We stayed at the very colonial feeling Carlisle Bay, white washed shuttered rooms and afternoon tea at the beach...


Carlisle Bay beach
Daily choice of eggs, florentine today
Conch and shrimp fritters
Afternoon tea on the beach
Aromatic goat curry with roti and peppery mango chutney
Local lizard on our balcony
Dries sunnies - spiced veg stew
Caribbean rum punch and freshly grated nutmeg - 85% rum 15% juice!
banana palm fan - tricolour fruit kebab
coi karp and topped scones
turquoise swimming pool ripples

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