Je suis désolée...

I am primarily blaming the lack of internet in my new East London home for being a rubbish blogger. There is much to catch up on, downsizing of wardrobe space has called for cleverer outfit arrangements but more kitchen space has meant more home bakes and generally an increased amount of kitchen activity! Then there has been catching up with friends and many an occasion to celebrate in the form of a thoroughly Scottish McGowan wedding and a wet and wild birthday jaunt to The Scales Plantation up in the Lake District...

Top - Bottom:
aye aye kilts ahoy!
courgette birthday cake with pistachio brittle made by Tom and Katie Bakey
rainbow at the Lakes - my stab at Swedish Cinnamon Buns
Cabin heaven in the forest - note for future: wellies and Barbours, not bikers and converse 

More to come soon!

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