Hello from St. Lucia!

I have fled the country, opting out of pre Christmas madness and reliving summer in the Caribbean. First stop is St. Lucia, where my mum and I are staying at Jade Mountain, which is architecturally like the Barbican, futuristic yet organic with a myriad of suspended walkways, draped flora and waterfall pools filled with koi carp.The only downfall is that the need of being bikini ready did not fall at a worser time (damn you multiple mince pies and hearty pub lunches,) so when faced with my all inclusive 3 meals a day I am trying to swap a plate of scrambled eggs piled with honeyed bacon, forrest mushrooms and callalou with exotic fruit. But alas, I fail at the approach of elevenses and succumb to some deep fried seafood! Drinkswise I am sipping on a local fave Cocoa Tea, like a mild velvety hot chocolate uplifted with festive spices. For ease I am favouring my woven leather pumps, vintage high waisted Levi shorts, a battered striped linen shirt and Topshops finest burnt orange bikini and playing it safe in the sun with factor 30! More food and holiday outfits to follow, but back to catching up on Fire & Knives!

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