Dress - Topshop  Boutique
Boots - Acne
Biker - Topshop
Neon Scarf - Vintage, gift
Necklace - Isabel Marant
Mango Chicken & Lentil Chilli Breads from Pushpesh Pant
This cookbook is well used  in my house, for the sole reason that every thing out of it is absolutely delicious.  If you haven't noticed it in the book shop, it's the one that stands heavier than any other with a white cover and jazzy primary coloured writing, next time you see it, buy it! Once you've got the base spices, ghee and some chilies the prep and cooking is totally doable. The lentil bread was just a blitzed mixture of two kinds of lentils, chili, coriander, turmeric and a few more spices, then flattened and baked. The mango chicken was slightly sweet and sort of like a semi dry curry, not too overpowering as the bread was full packed with punch as too were the spiced peas so a little plain rice and lambs lettuce is rounded it off just fine!

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